Science is real.

Come join us at Berkeley's 1st kids STEAM lab!

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Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 10-1 PM & 2-5 PM
Wednesday 10-4:30
Saturday 10-2 PM

Closesd: Sunday and Monday

NOTE: We will be closed Saturday, October 6th

Scholarships available.

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Female Child Wires a LIghtbulb Playing With Electronics Kit

Our Approach

At Hands-On! we provide a multitude of materials and experiences in order for your child to follow their curiosity wherever it leads.  In our warm and inviting space, and in collaboration with our staff and/or a parent or guardian we will help facilitate the process of scientific inquiry and will provide powerful learning experiences that will inspire deeper investigations. Whether it is learning about our world through art and engineering or science and technology  the opportunity exists at Hands-On!

NEED-BASED SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE for drop-ins, classes and camps. Please email Tracy to inquire: